Academy and Music Festival of Tequila.

From 21st to 29th of August 2015.

Tequila, Jalisco, México.

Victoria POLTI

Constituent of the group
LA SINIESTRA, Buenos Aires

Capacity: 50 people

She graduated as a Senior Professor of Music from the Athos Palma Conservatory and as an anthropologist from the University of Buenos Aires. She specialized in Tango at the Avellaneda School of Popular Music, where she was a part of the tango ensemble, conducted by Rodolfo Mederos, Mauricio Marcelli and Juan Carlos Cuacci. She has studied with Antonino Peluso, Oscar Piluso, Fabio Mazzitelli, Jorge De La Vega, María Cecilia Muñoz, Claudio Aristimuño, Daniel Lifschitz, Alejandro Santos, Juampi Di Leone, Marcelo Moguilevsky, Marcelo Katz, Julián Peralta, Nicolás Perrone, Juan José Mosalini and Pablo Mainetti, among others.

She has been a permanent member of several groups, such as La Siniestra Quinteto Tango, Sin Líneas en el Mapa, Orquesta La Respirada, the University of Buenos Aires' School of Philosophy and Literature's concert band; LEMC Ensemble, Improvisation Ensemble (led by Marcelo Moguilevsky), and a guest member in Tango para chicos (Graciela Pesce) and Grupo Instrumental Americano (Damián Sánchez), among others. She has toured and performed in International Festivals in Argentina, Mexico and Peru.

She is a currently a professor of ethnomusicology at the Manuel de Falla Municipal Conservatory, a professor of flute at the Youth Orchestras System (under the Education Secretariat), and a professor of arts and anthropology at the University of Buenos Aires. She is currently pursuing a degree in Chamber Music at the Lanús National University, and is a part of La Siniestra Quinteto Tango and Proyecto Ruidos (a duet with Rafael Delgado Espinoza, where they improvise classical and popular pieces). She has played classical, contemporary and popular (tango, and Argentine, Afro-Peruvian and Venezuelan folklore, among other genres) music, with performances en theatres, cultural centers and dancing halls in Argentina and abroad.

We will be honored with the presence of the Professor Tatiana Bochkareva (Piano), who is part of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

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