Academy and Music Festival of Tequila.

From 12th to 21st of August 2016.

Tequila, Jalisco, México.

Anatoly ZATIN

Piano, Conducting, Mexico
Director of the Institute of
Fine Arts of the University of Colima

Ukrainian-born and naturalized Mexican, Anatoly Zatin receive their education at the State Conservatory of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) with master's degrees as pianist and orchestra director, and Doctorate in Composition in 1983. With a long history has won major awards and participation in the artistic and musical medium. It is worthy of the Mozart Medal 2015 and the Medal of Honor 1990 UNICEF, for his activities as an orchestral conductor and pianist. In 1979 he joined the Union of Composers of St. Petersburg as the youngest member in the history of this group. He has participated in major festivals worldwide, among which are the International Festival of Contemporary Music in Hungary, the International Music Festival 'Spring Leningrad', the International Art Festival in Korea, the International Music Festival in England , the UNESCO International Festival in Leningrad, the International Mozart Festival in Shanghai.

He was Artistic Director Holder Chamber Orchestra B-A-C-H and Music Director of the Musical Theatre of Yekaterinburg. He has led the Philharmonic orchestras of Leningrad Orchestra Kirov Theatre, Moscow Symphony, Philharmonic of Kiev, Lugansk, Chernigov, Uzhhorod and Chernowitz, Chamber Orchestra of Salzburg, Philharmonic Kanagawa, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra Festival "Music on the Rhine "Philharmonic Cd. De Mexico, Jalisco Philharmonic, the symphony orchestras of Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi, Puebla, among others.

His compositions have received numerous awards, by organizations such as the Brass Bulletin for its concert Triple for Horn, Trumpet, Piano and String Orchestra, and the Association of Artists of Musical Theater of the USSR for the best musical show of the year . In 1968 he received the first prize in the Young Composers and Pianists of Kiev. In 1983 he was honored in the V Contest of Composers of St. Petersburg, for his brilliant concertante work, concert for flute, harpsichord and string orchestra. In 1995 he receives the "Latin American Space Video" award at the International Film Festival of Uruguay, for the film "April the cruelest month" produced by Boris Goldenblanc and original music by Anatoly Zatin.

He has been jury in national and international piano competitions in Ukraine, Netherlands, United States, Canada and Mexico. His master classes are appreciated at festivals like Zell an der Pram (Austrian Master Classes), the International Summer Music Academy in Kiev, Music on the Rhine, as well as in the United States, China, Japan and Mexico. His extensive discography includes recordings as a guest of the Leningrad Philharmonic director recordings as conductor and soloist for the record label Melodiya, Azzura Music, Sony Classics in Japan, Column Music, among others.

Artist International Petrof, was also chosen by the brand of pianos Pearl River for its official presentation in Mexico and Bösendorfer pianos in Japan for the concert of its hundredth anniversary which was listed as the best interpreter of Pictures at an Exhibition Moussorgsky. I cheered by critics worldwide, it has been characterized by its "unlimited talents as a pianist, lyrical and virtuoso, with an expressive and torrential force of spectacular attacks". He has performed at The Palace of Fine Arts, the National Auditorium in Mexico, Opera City in Tokyo, the Philharmonia of St. Petersburg, the Philharmonia Moscow, The First Concert Hall in Stockholm, Academy of Liszt in Budapest, Carnegie Hall in New York the Confalone Forum Rome, the Shakespeare Theatre in England, the Filarmonías Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine, among others.

He is currently director of the University Institute of Fine Arts of the University of Colima. In 2003 he founded the PETROF piano duo with pianist Vlada Vassilieva. Anatoly Zatin is represented worldwide by Cadenza Artists LLC.

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